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What is Meditation (and What’s All the Fuss About)?

by Team Undo |

For thousands of years, people have defined meditation in all sorts of ways. At Undo, we think of it as the act of training your mind to be fully absorbed in the present moment. It’s that simple...really. It’s learning to be where you are, wherever you are.

As simple as meditation is, here’s the catch: a calm mind doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything else, meditation takes practice. Like working out or learning to play an instrument; you wouldn’t expect to become a pro after one gym visit or chord lesson. Meditation is no different; the more you meditate the easier it becomes and the more benefits you reap.

Good news though; there’s no single one right way to meditate, despite what you have been told. You can meditate sitting, walking, commuting, in a cave in India or laying in bed. You can meditate with a guide, to music, using a mantra or just focusing on your breath - it’s up to you. Meditation is a personal experience and will be different for everyone.

What’s the point of meditation, though? What can a present and calm mind really do for you? As it turns out, a lot. From less stress to better sleep and improved health, meditation is a simple practice that sparks dramatic results. And seeing as we’re all glued to our phones and wrapped up in our own endless mind chatter, it’s probably been awhile since we’ve truly felt calm and content in the moment.

Don’t take our word for it, the benefits of meditation are scientifically proven, and training your mind to be fully absorbed in the present is easier than you think - all it takes is some commitment...and a good cushion.