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Welcome to Life Undone

by Team Undo |

What happens when you move from overdoing to undoing? This is life undone.

As humans today, we’re endlessly concerned with the act of doing. We feel pressure to do everything faster, better, and now. We equate doing with productivity, achievement, wealth and, ultimately, happiness. Our emphasis on doing has become an obsession with overdoing. And as a result we feel over-worked, overstressed and under-rested.

Here at Undo, we were curious about what might happen if we shift our perspectives and focus less on doing and more on being. Will our anxieties melt away? Will the noisy chatter in our minds quiet down? Will our bodies relax and hearts soften? Will we be more patient and understanding of others and ourselves? Can just being undo the chaos and stress that overdoing has created? We think so, and this space is dedicated to tapping into that curiosity and appreciating the beauty of being through the lens of meditation.

From sharing meditation techniques to exploring the neuro-physiological benefits of meditation, and understanding the impact of technology in our daily lives, Life Undone will explore what it means to do less and be more today.