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The (Surprising!) Things Meditation Does to Your Brain

We know that there’s anecdotal evidence that meditation makes us feel better. After all, when we meditate, we often feel more relaxed and clear-headed and less anxious and distracted. But there’s plenty of empirical evidence that meditation actually triggers some pretty amazing changes in our brain, too. Here are just a few of them.   Grey Matter Matters   One...

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Get Your Head in the Game: Athletes + Sports Teams Who Meditate

Why top athletes spend just as much time training their brains as their bodies. 

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How to Use The Undo Cushion

Did you know that most Americans spend an average of 13 hours sitting per day? While it should inspire you to get up and move around more, it also begs the question: What are you sitting on? Read the article

Dive into 2017 with 2016's Best Mindful Reads

Get a jumpstart on mindful living in 2017 by revisiting some of 2016's best reads.

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