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How to Use The Undo Cushion

by Amina AlTai |

Did you know that most Americans spend an average of 13 hours sitting per day? While it should inspire you to get up and move around more, it also begs the question: What are you sitting on?

The Undo Cushion is a meditation cushion, but it’s also so much more -- it combines serious ergonomic science with thoughtful design to facilitate the world’s most comfortable seat. Ever. (Okay, okay: We can’t back that up with research… yet.) And while you’ve got a whopping 13 hours to get comfortable, we do recommend that you take some steps to ensure you’re really getting grounded.

Here they are:

Step 1: If you’re meditating, find a quiet space.

It’s pretty obvious, but you don’t want to be meditating next to a blaring TV, barking dog or wailing baby. (Or all three.) So take the time to find a little spot that’s peaceful and quiet, and set The Undo Cushion down on an even, flat surface.

Step 2: Take a seat.

Slowly lower yourself into a sitting position with your legs in front of the cushion. Your butt should land roughly in the middle of the seat to start. Assume a cross-legged position; flexibility permitting, your knees should be resting below your hips. If you’re using the The Super Supportive Ankle Pad, position that puppy right underneath your ankles.

Step 3: Get your groove on.

The real beauty of The Undo Cushion is that it moves with you in order intuitively find your most comfortable posture. To do so, gently lean your body forward; the cushion’s proprietary rocker will automatically support an aligned back and facilitate a slouch-free posture. Once you’ve got that nailed down, sit up, relax your shoulders and allow your chest to open up.

Step 4: And… breathe.

Sitting isn’t hard, so don’t tense up your body. Release the tension in your head, neck, and shoulders and allow your arms and hands to go where they feel most natural. Start breathing and, if you’re so inclined, begin your meditation.

Step 5: Repeat, whenever and however you feel like.

We designed The Undo Cushion to support a meditation practice, but it’s a pretty prime seat for any activity that requires you to be seated -- watching TV, reading, working or snacking. (We’re pretty sure that in 13 hours, you’ll think of something.)