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Dive into 2017 with 2016's Best Mindful Reads

by Team Undo |

With the holiday madness behind us, we all have more time to reflect on our goals for the year ahead. What better way to get a jumpstart on living more mindfully in 2017 than to revisit some of 2016's best meditation and mindfulness reads? Check out a few of the Undo team's favorites:

The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Andy Puddicombe’s Headspace app is helping millions of people around the world meditate -  8.5 million to be exact. The simple guided exercises strip meditation of it’s intimidation factors; Puddicombe gently narrates each exercise instructing users on where to place their attention - body, breath, or surroundings. Furthermore, the exercises build over time; beginners make their way through a series of 10-minute foundational exercises before getting the option to graduate to either longer sessions or more targeted sessions. Now, Puddicombe’s book The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness, is helping Headspace loyalists and newbies alike explore the benefits of meditation and mindfulness training in more detail. The book was not only written as a means of helping people better understand what’s happening when they take the time to meditate, but it also serves as a guide - filled with tips and tricks to train your mind at any place and time - even without listening to the app.

Joy on Demand

Joy is not often high on our list of priorities and to-do’s. Compared to all of our other responsibilities and goals, making time to cultivate joy is overlooked. We take joy for granted; we assume it can be felt without any effort on our parts. But when we consistently overlook making time for joy in favor of other, more seemingly pressing goals and responsibilities, we begin to realize just how fleeting joy can be.  In Joy on Demand,   Chade-Meng Tan takes his readers on a journey along the path to joy. Through mindfulness insights and exercises, Tan teaches his readers how to tap into the innate, human ability to feel and maintain joy. By following and committing to the path that Tan carves out, he proves that joy is attainable for all.

Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for The Heartbroken

Lodro Rinzler, co-founder of Mndfl Meditation studio in New York City is on a mission to help people work through grief, loss, and heartbreak. His book does not offer a magic cure-all for pain, but it does help people understand the importance of moving through discomfort rather than around it. So often we just want to rid ourselves of any discomfort or pain, and in doing so we neglect to truly process and work through the source of our anguish. Through Buddhist words of wisdom and his own anecdotes of love and loss, Lodro provides his readers with helpful tips on picking up the pieces, moving on, and loving again.

Declutter Your Mind - How To Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety and Eliminate Negative Thinking

We've all been there: a negative thought pops into our brains that we just can't seem to get to go away. Soon that one thought turns into two, and the tough-to-break cycle mindless chatter and mental clutter begins. Small, negative thoughts can easily create a ripple effect in our minds and spiral into all-consuming worry and anxiety. S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport address this cycle head-on in their book Declutter Your Mind. With their help, readers learn how to recognize the clutter in their minds and work through it before it piles up into an insurmountable heap. 

52 Lists for Happiness

List-making always starts off as a good idea. We feel motivated to get our to-do’s under control; we list, group, and color-code until the pile-up of our to-do’s is so daunting that we just set the list aside. Yep, sometimes list-making can actually make us feel worse.  However, in her new book 52 Lists for Happiness, Moorea Seal shows readers how they can turn list-making into an exercise of self-discovery and care. With simple tools and exercises t52 Lists for Happiness guides readers to a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

With more discussion around mindfulness and a growing number of meditators, we're excited to see what mindful ideas emerge in 2017.